Perceptual Isolation is out now!

What they say about us

 Bandera Negra – Radio 3 (Music Radio Program from Spain)
«Majestic… A real wonder… We have been fascinated»
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 Progplanet (Music Review Web from Cyprus)
«An intricate and complex instrumental album combining many elements of modern progressive rock music and certainly an album to savour and enjoy over and over again.»
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 Permafrost (Wezine from Norway)
«Creative is definitely the music of dCoded, and it is a pleasure to listen to.»
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 Made in Metal (Metal Web from Spain)
«When I was first told that the compositions were more ambitious, I didn’t expect them to be as ambitious. Music made by people with open minds like the wide sea. There is no other definition.»
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 Betreutes Proggen (Prog Magazine & Web from Germany)
«It is particularly pleasant how dCoded glides time and time over skilful transitions from very rabid post rock passages into comfortable radio lounges and back again. The best example of this is the song ‘Ariadna’s Maze’, on which the band alternates between soft sounds and violent riffs in less than a blink of an eye.»
Rating 13/15 – Read more

 Metal Friends (Metal Web from Spain)
«A great music album that covers different styles such as progressive, rock, jazz, bossa nova, and a little crazy too, why not. An album that is not easy to understand and needs several listenings, but in the end, you will realize that there is a lot of mastery in these three great musicians.»
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