dCoded was born in Barcelona in the winter of 2012, with members David Marcè (drums & samplers), Marc Forradellas (bass guitar) and Víctor Martínez (guitar & loops). Founded as a trio and taking lots of ideas from improvisations during rehearsals, the band sketched its first compositions.

With a clearly experimental intention, its music was influenced by genres such as post-rock, ambient and progressive rock among others. In the summer of 2013 its eponymous first EP was recorded, with the help of Jaume Torras and Loading Studios (Manresa).

A year later, Xavier Orga joined the band to replace Marc. With him on the bass, a new musical period began. The band took then the opportunity to rearrange and expand its repertoire.

It was in the summer of 2015 when the recording process of the new album began. This new album, called Synapse, has been released in March 2016. Entirely self-produced, the album contains 6 songs which are a good example of the sound of dCoded. At the same time, the band has resumed its live activity, with a renewed show and the collaboration of Lluís Pi Motion Graphics & VJ on video projection.

dCoded Band

From left to right: David Marcè, Víctor Martínez, Xavier Orga.